science is fun, simple kids experiments in science, learn science principle, science for children, educational science projects Educational Videos By Khan Academy. An alternate learning method supported by Bill Gates Educational Foundation. Many kids find these educational videos allow them to grasp the concepts better.


Basic Addition 1
Introduction to addition. Multiple visual ways to represent addition
Addition 2
Adding 2-digit numbers
Addition 3
Practice carrying digits to add multiple digit numbers
Addition 4
More practice carrying with multiple digit numbers


Basic Subtraction 1
Basic Subtraction Skills, Introduction to subtraction
Subtraction 2
Basic Subtraction, Different ways to view subtraction
Subtraction 3
Introduction to borrowing and regrouping in subtraction arithmetic
Subtraction 4
Subtraction of multi-digit numbers involving borrowing


Multiplication 1
Introduction to multiplication
Multiplication 2
The Multiplication Tables
Multiplication 3
The Multiplication Tables, 10,11,12 times tables
Multiplication 4
Multiplying a 2-digit times a 1-digit number


Division 1
Introduction to Division
Division 2
Dividing into larger numbers. Introduction to long division and remainders
Division 3
More long division and remainder examples
Division 4
Dividing a two digit number into a larger number