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Weather Predictor

Predict the weather with a home made weather barometer

You need:

  • saucer
  • water
  • Liter Plastic Bottle
  • Index Card
  • Tape & Pen or Pencil

What to do:

Tape a strip of the index card long the long side of the bottle. Now fill the bottle about three quarters full of water. The trick now is to get the bottle upside down on top of the saucer. I usually place the saucer face down on top of the bottle, then holding both the saucer and bottle in place flip them over quickly. Another approach is to put a little water in the saucer, put your thumb over the opening of the bottle, flip the bottle over quickly on to the saucer and quickly remove your thumb. End result you want the bottle standing upside down inside the saucer. Now mark the water level on the index card.

What happens:

The water stays in the bottle. Initially the level will drop a little as it settles. Then over time (days) you will see the level vary.


As atmospheric pressure changes it is reflected by the level in the bottle, as pressure drops, level drops (warm wet weather), as pressure rises, water level rises (cool, dry weather)