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Bending Water

Static Electricity Can Bend Water

What you need:

  • a hard rubber or plastic comb, or a balloon
  • a wool sweater if you use a balloon
  • a sink and water faucet.

What to do:

Turn on the faucet so that the water runs out in a small, steady stream, about 1/8 inch thick.

Charge the comb (or balloon) with electrostatic energy. A comb can be charged by running it through long, dry hair several times or rub it vigorously on a wool sweater. A balloon can be charged by rubbing it vigorously on a wool sweater. The friction causes the electrostatic charge to build

Slowly bring the comb (or balloon) near the water and watch the water "bend."  If you touch the water the electrostatic charge will be dissipated (charge lost)

What happened:

 The neutral water was attracted to the charged comb (or balloon) because it wanted it's electrons and therefore moved towards it. If the water touched the comb it stole all the electrons and the comb (or balloon) lost it's charge.