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Put An Egg In A Bottle

With this you can amaze people and make them wonder "How in the world did he get that egg in that bottle?

What You Need
  • A glass bottle with a sufficiently sized mouth to pass an egg - see tips.
  • 3 matches
  • A hard boiled egg, peeled
  • Safety goggles
What To Do
  1. Get your bottle, peeled-hard-boiled-egg, and three matches ready.
  2. Stand the glass bottle upright with the opening skywards.
  3. Light three matches and drop them in the bottle. Wait a second or two.
  4. Put the peeled, hard-boiled egg onto the bottle's opening, wide end down.
  5. Wait. After the matches go out, the egg will get pushed into the bottle.


  • This works because the heat from the matches expands the air inside the bottle (pushing some of the air out). When the egg is placed over the opening, it creates a seal, and as the gas cools, the pressure inside the bottle drops. The egg is pushed into the bottle by the pressure differential between the outside and inside of the bottle; air molecules from the outside reach the inside to even out the pressure by pushing the egg through to clear the path.
  • Most of the time the egg will be intact once it's been sucked in, but results will vary.
  • The mouth of the bottle should be small, but not less than half the diameter of the egg.
  • Want to leave the eggshell on the egg? Simply soak the egg in vinegar for 24 hours until the eggshell is soft and then follow the same instructions. Then wait another 24 hours and the eggshell will be hard again. You can even do this with a raw egg.
  • If you want to get the egg out, see related articles below.
  • Do not wait too long after you light the matches. They will burn out.
  • You can also do this with a balloon, put the opening of the balloon on the opening and it will get blown up inside the bottle
  • Do not attempt this activity without adult supervision.
  • Wear safety goggles.
  • Never eat raw eggs.