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Static Electricity

Static Electricity can move objects by attraction or repulsion

What You Need:

  • 2 Balloons
  • String
  • Wool Cloth

What To Do:

  1. Inflate both balloons and tie their ends off with string
  2. Hang the balloons so they are about 1" apart
  3. Note their movement - should be none since they are both neutral.
  4. Rub 1 balloon with a wool cloth. Let the balloons come close to each other. They should try to come together since 1 is charged and one is not.
  5. Let them touch - they should then become neutral since the charge is equalized.
  6. Now rub both balloons with a wool cloth.
  7. Allow the balloons to come close to each other. They should repel (move away) from each other since they both have a charge.
  8. Let them touch. When they touch the charge again is equalized and they will be neutral neither attracting nor repelling.

What Did We Learn

  • When two object have the same charge they repel,
  • When two objects have opposite charges they attract, and
  • When a charged object is brought near an uncharged object, a charge
    separation is induced on the neutral object and the two attract each

The first 2 statements are the qualitative part of Coulomb's law.