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Make a Battery

Want to shock your friends? Make a battery like the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta did 200 years ago.

What You Need

  • Lemon Juice
  • 9 1"x1" strips of paper towel
  • 5 pennies or other copper coins
  • 5 dimes or any other metal coin that is not copper

What To Do

  • Soak the paper towel strips in the lemon juice.
  • Make a pile of coins, alternating dimes and pennies separated by a lemon-soaked strip of paper towel.
  • Moisten one finger tip on each hand and hold the pile between your fingers.

What Happens

  • You get a small shock or tingle


You have made a wet cell battery, the forerunner of the battery we buy at the hardware store. Lemon juice, and acid solution, conducts electricity created by the separated metals of the two coins.